OriginalCreative Design Agency

Our mission is to combine our passion & love for design with our dedication & creativity to help our clients grow.

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We have a strong team of creatives that each specialise in their own areas. Many clients often tell us that our approach to work is unique and sets us apart from others. Where possible, we like to meet our clients face to face in order to gain a real in-depth understanding of the business. By doing this, when it does come to putting pencil to paper and getting our digital hands dirty, we are leaps and bounds ahead with our creative thinking.

From the very first stages of the project right through to the final stages of delivery and beyond, we look after all of our clients. Even once the work is complete, we like to keep in touch, just in case you need us.


Meet The Team

Creative Lead & Project Manager

Wesley Ashton Holmes, BA(Hons), CDMP

Graphic Designer

Josh Clarke, BA(Hons)

Web Designer & Developer

Josh Royles, BA(Hons)


Adrian Westwood, BA(Hons), MSc, MBA

Video Production

Joe Gist, BA(Hons), MA

Video Production

Aidan Joseph, BA(Hons), MA

Video Production

William Wade, BA(Hons), MA


Jack Humphreys, BA(Hons)

Marketing & Communications

Lucy Ferguson-Smith, BA(Hons)

Admin & Accounts

Kay Callaghan

Office Dog

Baxter the Border Terrier

We can't wait to get started