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Navigating The Digital Services Act: Meta's New Features & Transparency Measures

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As the European Union's Digital Services Act (DSA) comes into full effect this month, major tech platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, are gearing up to implement new features and transparency measures. In this blog post, we explore how Meta, the parent company of these platforms, is embracing the principles of the DSA and introducing innovations to ensure compliance and user empowerment.

Meta's Commitment to DSA Principles

Meta welcomes the core principles of transparency, accountability, and user empowerment embedded in the DSA. The company emphasises its long-standing record of openness regarding policies, processes, and enforcement. In anticipation of the DSA rollout, Meta has been actively working to align its practices with the new regulations.

DSA: A Landmark Regulation for European Tech

The DSA, considered one of the most comprehensive pieces of internet regulation, is set to impact not only European tech companies but also any tech entity operating within the EU. Meta, advocating for a harmonised regulatory approach that safeguards online rights while fostering innovation, applauds the DSA's ambition for transparency and accountability.

Meta's Response to DSA

Since the DSA came into force, Meta has assembled a significant cross-functional team of over 1,000 professionals dedicated to addressing the DSA's requirements. This includes measures to enhance transparency, accountability, and user control on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Enhancing Ads Transparency & Protections

Meta, building on its industry-leading ads transparency tools, is expanding its Ad Library to encompass all ads targeting individuals in the EU. This library will archive ads for a year, providing the public with insights into the ads served, their parameters, and more. Additionally, Meta has made changes to ads targeting teenagers, ensuring a more age-appropriate advertising experience.

Impact on Digital Marketing Agencies and Businesses Running Meta Ads:

Digital marketing agencies and businesses running Meta ads will experience a shift in the advertising landscape due to the DSA. With increased transparency in ad targeting and archiving, agencies can expect more accountability in their advertising strategies. The expansion of the Ad Library provides an opportunity for businesses to gain a better understanding of competitors' advertising approaches. However, the changes to ads targeting teenagers may require a reassessment of targeting strategies to align with the age-appropriate focus.

Unprecedented Insight into AI Systems

In an effort to provide users with a deeper understanding of how AI systems rank content, Meta is releasing 22 system cards for Facebook and Instagram. These cards offer insights into content ranking across various platforms, augmenting the existing "Why Am I Seeing This" feature. Researchers will also benefit from Meta's new tools – the Meta Content Library and API – offering comprehensive access to publicly available content.

Empowering Users with More Control

In addition to transparency measures, Meta is giving users more options to customise their experiences on Facebook and Instagram. Users in the EU can now choose to view Stories and Reels in chronological order, and they have the option to see search results based solely on entered words, minimising personalised content.

Strengthening Reporting and Moderation

Meta has streamlined reporting tools for illegal content and made content moderation decisions more transparent for users in the EU. This includes notifying users about feature limits and content restrictions and providing them with the opportunity to appeal.

The Future of Harmonised Regulation

As the DSA takes precedence, Meta emphasises the need for its continued primacy over national laws to ensure clarity, consistency, and a harmonious digital experience across the EU. The company remains committed to collaborating with European policymakers and regulators to support a strong and open digital single market.


In conclusion, Meta's proactive approach to the DSA showcases a commitment to user empowerment, transparency, and accountability in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

As these new measures take effect, users can anticipate a safer and more tailored online experience on Meta's platforms.


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