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WIX Invites Swype® To London For The Pre-Launch Of Wix Studio

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As a leading UK agency partner, Swype® was invited down to London by the team behind Wix and Editor X.

Our team got an exclusive look into the brand-new platform, Wix Studio. This flexible, end-to-end solution includes smart design capabilities and flexible dev tools that let you deliver exceptional results. The next-gen studio editor includes design functionalities such as responsive AI and open platform capabilities.

We attended multiple workshops throughout the week in London, from onboarding our agency, mastering the art of visual curation, coding with Velo and Powering data-driven sites with CMS.

Wesley our Head of Digital, showcased the seamless process of setting up an agency workspace within the new platform. He even built our first website using Wix Studio, which you can view here.

"Wix Studio is a revolutionary platform which truly empowers agencies and design teams to produce exceptional work, seamlessly." - Wesley

One of the perks of being a leading agency partner is that our team at Swype® gain exclusive access to new and unreleased features across all Wix products and platforms.

Our journey to London with Wix Studio has been an incredible experience. It reaffirms our commitment to delivering world-class digital solutions for all of our clients.

We are excited and eager to start utilising the power of Wix Studio.



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