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5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be On Instagram

Social Media Marketing Trends for 2021

Instagram has proven to be an effective marketing tool for businesses seeking to increase their presence and visibility of their products or services. While Instagram offers advertising and sponsorship opportunities, getting started is free, and businesses can create a large following without spending a penny!

Businesses all over the world are using Instagram to increase revenue, which makes sense given that 80 percent of people follow businesses on the platform.

Many users however, have yet to take advantage of Instagram's features. If you are one of these individuals, consider this: "Why would I as a business owner, pass up a social network with 1.074 billion users?". The answer is straightforward… You wouldn't pass it up.

Here are 5 reasons why you should invest time in your business Instagram profile.

Put a Face to Your Brand

Instagram is a visual platform for communicating with clients and customers on a much more personal level. It is important to share photographs and videos of your team and happy customers for example to engage your audience.

With over 25 million businesses actively using the app to market to their target audience, it's easy to see why so many people use Instagram to shop. In today's fast-paced B2C sector, shoppers want visual content to help them make purchasing decisions.

A consistent brand message will assist you in standing out from the crowd. Your Instagram profile branding is an important aspect of your Instagram presence. Creating a visual feed will help you stand out by representing your brand's uniqueness.

Boost Your Sales

Over a third of Instagram users have used the platform to make an online purchase, making them 70% more likely than non-Instagram users to do so.

Instagram can be used to keep your followers up to date on sales and other special offers. For example, you could run a promotional ad campaign to increase awareness and drive traffic to your website.

If you're launching a new product or service, why not use Instagram to provide a sneak peek at your latest offerings?

Clients Expect To See Your Business On Instagram

Customers and clients will search for you on Instagram. Usually, when hearing about a business they will look for you by name or by hashtags linked to your business or location.

Even if you don't plan to be very active on Instagram, it's a good idea to create an account with your business name, contact information, and a few posts showcasing your brand.

Instagram is an excellent way to show potential customers that you are more than just a faceless business. Many of the app's features can assist you in this, but live posts and stories are especially useful in building your online presence.

Instagram Tagging

Customers and users can tag you in their photos.

Let’s presume you provide outstanding service to a client or a customer and they are overjoyed with the service they recently received from you. They're almost certainly going to share the story on Instagram, and their glowing review is gold. That's the kind of thing you'll want to be tagged in, so it shows up on your Instagram feed to all of your followers.

Networking Opportunities

Instagram is a great tool for networking as well.

By liking, commenting, and sending messages, you can connect with other like-minded businesses or individuals and gradually develop a relationship with them through meaningful interactions. The more likes and comments your business receive, the more noticeable it becomes. Taking high-quality photographs, using local hashtags, and collaborating with other brands will all help you get more likes.

Authentic relationships are critical in growing and scaling your business in today's digital landscape. Using Instagram as a platform for content, connection, and communication is vital to add value to your business network.

You'll be well on your way to improving your online presence if you use the tips and strategies, you've learned here! Instagram is attracting more attention than ever before, and if you don't join this strong social media platform, you're missing out on millions of potential customers.


Would you like an affordable, professional and personalised approach to your social media management? We can help you to build a strategy that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Click here to contact one of our digital marketers today.

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