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Adapting Your Business Post-Lockdown

Social Media Marketing Trends for 2021

If we've learned anything as entrepreneurs and business owners this year, it's that things change and you have to adapt rapidly – in both our businesses and our personal lives. Businesses will likely need to examine how to function post-COVID as they reopen. This necessitates the creation of new ways to manage your business, communicate with your customers, and ultimately sell to them all while boosting value. Marketing has been a critical component of business survival during lockdown and will continue to be a priority post-lockdown. Why not consider the following tips from us to ensure that your business flourishes after the pandemic restrictions?

Embrace All Social Media Channels

It's important to make your products and services available online in a time when people are still cautious to access public spaces or non-essential businesses. A rising number of businesses have shifted to online as a result of COVID restrictions, trends, and simply because it was the only way to access services for several months. People have embraced social media as a way to stay in touch and remain up to date on current events. As the pandemic restrictions relax, this is the time to remain strong on social media. Maintain contact with your customers, clients & followers by delivering them regular updates with reliable content to ensure them that you're still around. We know that social media marketing has been critical both during and after the lockdown, but now it’s more important than ever.

Re-Evaluate Target Markets

Even if your target audience or client base has not changed since the lockdown, you can be certain that their behaviour and decision-making processes will have definitely been altered. A valuable exercise would be evaluating purchasing history and client interactions, as well as speaking to loyal customers in order to discover if their behaviour patterns has changed and if so why.

If you realise that your client's expectations have shifted, now is the time to evaluate what you can do to meet them. This could be as simple as noting on your website that your business is following government regulations to ensure client safety or displaying new products and services.

Innovate & Experiment With New Ideas

Over the past year as physical stores and offices were forced to close, it forced millions of businesses to adapt quickly in order to meet new customer needs and stay ahead of the curve as conditions changed. It highlighted how significant digital innovation can be when done effectively and at the right time, whether it was establishing new digital stores and experiences or introducing remote working. Now that many businesses are finally focusing on recovery and the future, digital innovation has reclaimed its true place at the top of their priority lists. It is estimated that millions of customers are migrating from physical to digital channels – something you do not want to miss!

With all businesses developing an online platform, it is important to stand out from the crowd (yes, even online!), sometimes all it takes to attract additional customers is a fresh new look. You may not have given much thought to the design and branding of these places before, due to your focus being elsewhere. So, why not devote some time to giving your services a fresh look, both physical and virtually. For more advice on this, take a look at our recent post in order to understand the importance of having a well-executed brand. 4 Big Reasons To Invest In Your Branding’.

Support Your Local Community

Since many businesses were impacted by the Coronavirus, put emphasis on supporting local small businesses and communities.

This is an excellent idea for a variety of reasons, including demonstrating that you care about the community in which you live. You'll be able to put money back into your community, and your local economy will benefit as well.

Following the lifting of the lockdown, the focus now shifts to local businesses as they try to reclaim some sort of normality. The COVID-19 pandemic was the most disruptive worldwide occurrence in recent history, halting ‘business as usual' for companies across practically every industry. It's been difficult for us all, and businesses all across the world have had to make huge digital advancements. With pandemic restrictions slowly coming to an end, it is vital to stay motivated and ready to tackle the challenges ahead.


Does your business need help to take that first step forward? Or are you struggling to get back on your feet post-lockdown?

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