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Social Media Marketing Trends For 2021

Social Media Marketing Trends for 2021

It's been a year like no other, with current events significantly influencing digital marketing patterns. Planning for 2021 will be somewhat different for many brands and companies relative to previous years.

It’s is safe to say that Coronavirus changed many things, but one constant that remained was social media. Over the past year, the way individuals and businesses access the internet and social media has evolved. So how will the way we use social networks in 2021 impact new social media trends?

1. Redefining The Customer Experience

Customer experience has never been more important.

The pandemic has seen the traditional offline customer experience slowly disappear. Suddenly, in-store samples or enticing displays were no more. No more promotional activities or experienced workers to provide assistance to the customer.

Most noticeably, sales of eCommerce went through the roof, people spent far more time on social media, and zoom meetings became normal. This dramatic shift has contributed to the way that brands interact with their customers.

Marketers will still be able to drive fast bursts of ROI from new consumers using social ads in 2021. But they also need to have social opportunities online that help create connections and loyalty to brands.

2. Consumers Will Crave Snackable Content.

We saw the rise of TikTok and Instagram Reels in 2020, continued interaction on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat Stories, and brands producing other short-form or "snackable" pieces of content to remind customers about their brand.

You might be thinking “Wait, what exactly is ‘snackable’ pieces of content?”. Snackable content is simple, short-form, readily digestible content that lends itself to the passive sharing of social media. It tends to be visually stimulating and can be posted on a daily basis.

All of this, inevitably, makes it ideal for social networks.

The aim of producing snackable content is to provide instant amusement and as a result draws new leads. This process is especially encouraged by certain content mediums such as Instagram.

As attention spans on social media continue to shrink and more users swipe slowly through posts while stuck at home, snackable content is not predicted to lose momentum over the next year.

3. The Importance Of Authenticity.

In 2021, we predict authenticity to take centre stage in social media as popular brands begin to gain confidence from their viewers.

This year, customers and brands have faced a worldwide pandemic, turbulent financial times, and a variety of significant incidents.

Today, to trust, connect with, and invest in a brand, customers need more than just great offers. At this point, by promoting individuality and their human side on social media, many brands have taken note.

When preparing your content marketing for 2021, don’t forget keep these trends in mind. The ultimate emphasis this year is on producing high-quality content that does more for your business or brand.


Have you been inspired or would you like a more detailed and personalised approach to your business social media strategy to move forward in 2021? Click here to contact one of our digital marketing specialists today.

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