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The Complete Guide for Using Twitter to Grow Your Business

Social Media Marketing Trends for 2021

Do you want a good place to post updates, promote your products, or interact with your customers? Twitter is a platform where users can get real-life stories, see live news updates and read about their favourite influencers or businesses.

Twitter is an undeniably valuable tool for expanding the company's online presence because of this. Around 80% of all Twitter users have mentioned a business in a tweet, and the average Twitter user follows five companies. With millions of users worldwide, Twitter has the ability to increase brand awareness and enhance other aspects of your business.

So, let’s talk about using Twitter as a platform for your business…

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is... “is Twitter still popular?”

Well, Twitter began in 2006 as an online message board that was updated via text message. Since then, it's grown into one of the largest social networks, boasting more than 300 million users who combine to produce 500 million tweets every day.

At the same time, almost half of Twitter users follow their favourite brands and actively search out new items to buy. With these numbers, Twitter becomes a very appealing platform for business owners even in 2021.

What makes Twitter a clever social media choice for your business?

Twitter is a great marketing tool for a number of reasons. The platform…

… is free to use.

… allows you to share and promote branded content in seconds.

… expands your reach massively.

… allows you to provide instant and live customer service and support.

… allows you to connect with your audience in real-time.

So, why use Twitter for marketing?

1) Firstly, to keep track of upcoming trends, news and brand mentions.

Despite the increasing number of fake news stories on social media, Twitter remains one of the most important outlets of current affairs in modern culture. Discover what people are talking about all over the world, or just in your community, and how you can use these trends to reach new and diverse audiences to enhance your business.

Not to mention you can use Twitter to track what your customers are saying about you and your business through brand mentions. This gives you a very unique insight into your customers minds. As Twitter is built for conversation, this is where you will uncover the most about your brand.

2) Customer service.

Customer support interactions on Twitter have grown by more than 250% since 2015. If anyone wants to learn more about your products and/or services, they're more likely to go to your Twitter business page first before other social media and using other modes of communication.

3) Brand awareness.

Twitter is one of the most influential social media platforms and ignoring it could cost you thousands of current and prospective customers.

By focusing on current events and news, create topical marketing content that promotes your brand while placing your business as an “expert” in your industry. This is possible through the use of organic tweet content, ads, supported tweets and specific hashtag marketing.

4) Increase website traffic and generate more leads.

Time is money, and almost all of your marketing messages must contribute to your primary goal, which is typically to increase revenue.

Through posting entertaining content and promoting your business on Twitter, you will persuade people to invest in your products and/or services.

Have you ever invested an hour writing an essay or a blog post? You will increase the number of people who see it by sharing it with the Twitter community. You can also use Twitter's hashtag search to find potential content while keeping the Twitter branding current. The same can be said for new items, services and company announcements.

Here’s a few tips and tricks for optimising your Twitter business.

  • Use your official company logo in your profile picture and add a bio that not only describes your company but shows what you offer.

  • Add links to your website and other online assets.

  • Short tweets get more engagement so keep your tweet as short as possible. (A quick tip is to shorten any tweet links using services such as Bitly.)

  • Start conversations in Twitter Chat and encourage people to respond.

  • Get creative but always think about your audience and how it will be perceived before you tweet something.

Twitter is a valuable social media platform and marketing tool that any business can utilise to their advantage. It will assist you in increasing website traffic, enhancing brand awareness, engaging your audience and establishing personal relationships with your followers.

It is paramount to include Twitter in your business marketing strategy, so take note and try using the tips and tricks we have listed above to start sharing content.


Do you need help with your marketing strategy? Talk to one of our experts today with a free no-obligation meeting by clicking here to contact one of our team today.

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