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Top Productivity Tips that Every Entrepreneur Should Know

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Let me guess…

Every day, you work incredibly hard, but the amount of stuff added to your to-do list is quicker than what you do.

The to-do list is getting longer and never seems to stop, and you're thinking how these millionaire entrepreneurs do their job and still spend time with their friends and families?!

Well, here’s the big secret… It's the productivity techniques that they adopt that make them successful. Here are the top 7 productivity tips that every entrepreneur should know.

1) Create A To-Do List

Making a to-do lists will give you a structure to adhere to, and a schedule.

Forgetting isn't an excuse with automated to-do list apps. Make sure you go for an easy-to-use option that allows you to share tasks with other people. Resources like this will help you to get control of your work and have peace of mind that your work will be finished on time.

2) Take Breaks

Taking breaks improves our productivity at work. No matter how busy you are, after a certain amount of time, exhaustion can begin to hinder your effectiveness.

There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither.” - Alan Cohen

Breaks offer an opportunity to re-focus. So, next time you start to procrastinate or feel unproductive, stop what you’re doing, take a break and think about recharging yourself. For some people, this could be some physical activity, a coffee break or eating a healthy snack.

3) Manage Your Energy

You need to be in a healthy mental state and energised by good habits to maximise your productivity. Some of the activities that generate more energy include:

Sleeping well: It's not always easy to get to bed at a regular time and regularly give yourself a good night's sleep but aiming consciously for the same is a crucial part of the balancing act. Having an optimal amount of sleep will boost your mood and increase your ability to concentrate.

Eating healthy: We rarely offer much thought to food when we think about the factors which can lead to workplace success. Food is fuel for all of us struggling to keep on top of emails, meetings, and deadlines.But this comparison is deceptive, as the foods that we consume impact us. Less junk food and a healthy diet can have an enormous effect on your energy and productivity.

Working out: We all know that exercise keeps you healthy but exercising in all aspects of your life can also improve productivity. Not only does exercise give you more stamina and avoid the slump of exhaustion in the afternoon, but exercise also retains momentum and increases mental capacity. Consistent exercise makes you more alert and gives a great boost in energy.

4) Self-Discipline

To achieve your goals, self-discipline is essential. You can't keep focused without self-control. Set up a simple plan, remain consistent, and do not let your aspirations fade. Without a doubt, the importance of practising self-discipline will be reflected in your productivity levels.

Usually, self-discipline is a learned trait that individuals refine through practise and repetition over time. You may use proven strategies to gain better control and enhance your everyday routine in order to increase your self-discipline:

  • Challenge your perceptions.

  • Reward yourself for a job well done

  • Get rid of temptations and distractions

5) Remove Distractions

As noted above, it is really important to get rid of those distractions that slow your daily productivity.

One of the primary productivity killers are distractions such as emails and phone calls. Although technology can make our lives simpler, keeping the kind of concentrated attention required to work effectively can also make it nearly impossible.

When that to-do list is getting longer, turn on ‘do not disturb’ on your iPhone, silence your email alerts and close your office door.

Work is hard. Distractions are plentiful. And time is short.” – Adam Hochschild

You've got to get rid of distractions to keep focused, and this is probably not easy. Such ideas for overcoming them are:

  • Turn off all your social media notifications

  • Avoid unexpected meetings or visits

  • Get away from noisy or uncomfortable environments

6) Remember Why You Started

When building a successful business, it is vital to motivate yourself and frequently motivate others. Reminding yourself of the reason you started your company will give you and your team morale a significant boost.

7) Coffee O'clock

Finally - don’t forget the coffee! Caffeine can improve mood and help you feel more productive. Coffee increases energy, focus, and attention. There is evidence to suggest that drinking coffee can have positive effects on memory, mood, alertness, well-being and energy.

Why not start today? Apply these productivity tips and get ready to be efficient, not busy!

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